Lindquist and Lundquist Family Pictures

This site includes pictures from the families of John Peter Lindquist and Regina Therese Lundquist (Rina) the father and mother of Bernice Irene Lois Lindquist who married August Victor Swanson.

The father of John Peter Lindquist was Nils P. Lindquist who came to America from Sweden and changed his name from Peterson to Lindquist.  He had a sister Anna Lisa Peterson came to Kansas from Illinois with Nils and his two brothers Andrew Peterson and John Peterson went to Minnesota.  Clara Louisa Peterson was the wife of Nils P. Lindquist.  We do not know anything about her family in Sweden.

The father and mother of Regina Therese Lundquist was Thomas Anton Lundquist and Hedda Sofia Nordstrom who came to America from Sweden.  They had five children.




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