Brothers and Sisters and Families

Brothers and Sisters of John Peter Lindquist and Regina Therese Lundquist

Brothers of John Peter Lindquist.

John Peter Lindquist better known as J.P. or Pete Lindquist was the oldest of 5 boys.  His parents were Nils P. Lindquist who was born in 1837 in Sweden and died March 21, 1883 and Clara Louisa Lindquist who was born September 1835 in Sweden and died April 14, 1909.

John Peter Lindquist was born April 1, 1872 and died November 28, 1950, Fredrick Oscar Lindquist was born August 18, 1873 and died February 3, 1951, Andrew Lindquist was born April 7, 1875 and died December 5, 1859, Emil William Lindquist was born October 27, 1877 and die August 24, 1942 and  Luther Lindquist was born February 27, 1880 and died June 11, 1960.

Below are family pictures of the family of Nils P. and Clara Lindquist.

Below are pictures of Fredrick Oscar Lindquist.  Fred was born August 18, 1873 and died February 3, 1951,  He married Hanna Eugenie Lindstrom.  She was born November 15, 1878 and died February 12, 1951.  They had no children and after they died Ervin Swanson bought their house at 123 W. Bond in Salina, Kansas.

Below are pictures of Andrew Lindquist and Family.  Andrew was born April 7, 1875 and died December 5,1959.  He married Hulda Sophia Mulmgren on December 21, 1898.  She was born July 31, 1877 and died March 24, 1960.  They had two children, Vernon Everett Lindquist and Helen Lindquist.

Below are pictures of Emil William Lindquist.  Emil never married was born on October 27, 1877 and died on August 24, 1942.

Below are pictures of Luther Lindquist and Family.  Luther Lived in Wild Horse, Colorado and he had one son Merrill Oliver Lindquist who never married.  After Luther died on June 11, 1960, Merrill shot his mother and took his own life on October 9, 1972.


Below are pictures for the family of Thomas and Hedda Lundquist.

Brothers and sisters of Regina Therese Lundquist.  She was better known as Rina and was born February 24, 1877 and died September 7,1962.  She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  They were John Edward Lundquist, Anton Gustaf Fordinant Lundquist, Ettlan Terkia Terkla Maria Lundquist better known at Etta and Beda Anna Ludia Christina Lundquist.

Below are pictures for John Edward Lundquist.  John was born January 20, 1875 and died March 17, 1917.  He married Victoria Lille Johnson who was born Jan 24, 1888.  They had two children, Myrl Johnett Lundquist and Ion V. Lundquist.  After John died she and the children moved to California where she died in July 15, 1979.

Below are pictures for Anton Gustaf Fordinant Lundquist.  He was born March 31, 1879 and died January 21, 1962.  He married Augusta Rosander in 1910.  She was born October 23, 1886 and died December 1, 1972.  They did not have any children.  Anton was a carpenter and after the earthquake in California he moved to California where they stayed the rest of their life.  He ran a dairy farm outside of Modesto, California and he later developed houses on the farm. After Anton died, Augusta made several trips back to Kansas.

Below are pictures for Ettlan Terkla Maria Lundquist.  Etta was born May 15, 1883 and died October 8, 1964.  She married Frank Mortimore Stevens on August 9.1916 who was born June 25, 1871 and died July 20, 1962.  They lived in California and had four children, Thomas Hamilton Sevens, Robert Mortimore Stevens, Stanley Eugene Stevens and Frances Laurene Stevens.

Below are pictures for Beda Anna Lydia Christina Lundquist.  She was born June 15, 1885 and died March 18, 1949.  She married Carl Gustaf Rosander and they had three children, Lois E. Rosander, Carroll G. Rosander and Mildred Rosander.  In her later years, Beda was confined to a wheel chair and Mildred took care of her mother and later married, Harry Dewey Oslind and they had one child, Carol Oslind.  Carroll never married and Lois married Cadoben Train and after Cadoben died she moved to Seattle, Washington and married William P. Bender and 1969.

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