Mother and Father

Nils P. Lindquist, the father of John Peter Lindquist was born in 1837 in Sweden and died March 21, 1883 in Smolan, Kansas.  He married Clara Louisa Lindquist and in addition to John Peter Lindquist, they had four additional sons, Fredrick Oscar Lindquist, Andrew Lindquist, EmilWilliam Lindquist and Luther Lindquist.  They also had a daughter who was born in 1879 and died in 1880.  Below are some family pictures.

The first two pictures of Nils and Clara Lindquist could be their wedding picture.  If so it was because it was taken in Chicago it may mean that they were married after the came from Sweden.  More research is needed to see if we can find where Nils and Clara came from in Sweden.

Thomas Anton Lundquist was the father of Regina Therese Lundquist who was married to John Peter Lindquist.  He was born November 11, 1838 in Sweden and died November 9, 1895 in Falun, Kansas.  He married Hedda Sofia Nordstrom who was born August 25, 1849 and died May 23, 1902 in Falun, Kansas.  Below is a family picture.

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